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Meet Josh & Snow

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Josh and Snow became an Internet / TV sensation in 2020, after competing for "The Pack" a dog travel competition series, hosted by Lindsey Vonn on Amazon Prime Video. Josh's talent and atypical look for a groomer, coupled with his many recognitions, quickly attracted brands and medias from all around the world. He notably collaborated with Moschino, Plastik Magazine, Beis by Shay Mitchell, Kimpton Hotel, Jeffrey Campbell, American Kennel Club TV and more.

Josh's beloved Standard Poodle/Unicorn, Snow, has also been turning heads with her ever-changing looks. She was first noticed by Tony Kelly, Plastik Magazine owner, while out for a stroll and decided to give Snow a centerfold on his magazine's next issue.  Josh and Snow built a very strong bond over time that has been attracting TV News, Hollywood Producers, and Photographers from around the world. You can follow their adventures on Instagram.   

Meet The Artists


Jaye’s love for dogs started early on when her Dad would bring home stray dogs all the time, which was a huge inspiration in choosing to become a veterinarian -- to help as many animals as she could, just like her father. After two years at Cal Poly pre-veterinary school, she decided to switch her major to fine art while figuring which direction she wanted to go from here. Art school brought out Jaye’s love for sculpture and color, but upon graduating she had absolutely no idea how she could combine both of her loves into a career.  Her first job working professionally with dogs was at a mom and pop shop -- from there she went on to learn and grow at other salons along the way until ultimately landing with our pack at Dogue. Jaye has since been perfecting her Creative Grooming skills.



As a child Jasmine wanted to become a vet, after realizing she couldn't build up the emotional strength to deal with the inevitable tragedies of the job, she decided to change her future. 
Lover of fun colors, animals and Japanese fashion, Jasmine wanted a career to combine her interests and talents. In 2013 she became a bather, while living not far from Merryfield School Of Pet Grooming in Miami, FL. This is when she found her natural talent for Pet Styling, and was grooming Standard Show Poodles only 3 months into classes. She slowly refined her talent on Creative Grooming and Asian Fusion while still specializing in Difficult and Elderly Pets who need extra TLC.


Already as a child, Leslie knew she'd end up working with dogs. She Initially wanted to be a caretaker for rehabilitated animals and started rescuing many dogs over the years that became her pets. In 2014, Leslie started working for Healthy Spot - this is around the time she and Josh started working together.

She learned the ropes first as a bather then quickly became a groomer. Over the years her craft improved as she became fond of Asian fusion. Passionate about acting and modelling, Leslie has had several of her grooming videos go viral on TikTok. Leslie specializes in Japanese Style Grooming at Dogue Spa.


Billy started her grooming career in 2017, initially working for a big chain.

The lack of creative freedom started to weigh on her. She knew at that time that she had to switch Salon in order to get better and explore her creative side, which brought her to DOGUE, where she is currently perfecting her craft and learning from other highly experienced groomers.

Billy specializes in Doodles and Creative Grooming


Passionate about animals, Nantar started out as a volunteer dog walker at 13. She then became a vet assistant at her local vet hospital. In 2019, Nantar took her career to the next level an decided to get her certification in dog grooming at the West Coast Grooming Academy.

Her natural talent and skills landed her quickly her first dog grooming gig at a local salon. Soon after, she joined Healthy Spot for almost a year, where she perfected her craft. Nantar is always looking forward to working and creating relationships with the dogs she grooms. Nantar specializes in Japanese Style Grooming and Standard Cuts at Dogue Spa.

Join Our Pack

Dogue Spa is always open to consider adding new artists to the team. If you are an experienced groomer and/or bather, email your resume here.

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