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Tune in to Josh's latest TV Segment for American Kennel Club TV where he shares the current trends in dog grooming. 

Dogue Spa has recently been voted "Best Dog Grooming Salon in West Hollywood for 2020" by WeHo Ville.

"The Pack", featuring Josh and Snow's international adventures, is available now on Amazon Prime Video, worldwide.

Dogue Spa and Josh & Snow have been featured on many News, Podcasts, TV, and Magazine outlets such as:

  • Access Hollywood

  • Amazon Prime Video 

  • American Kennel Club TV

  • Entertainment Tonight

  • KTLA Entertainment 

  • Fox Denver


  • King 5 Seattle

  • People Magazine

  • Pet Talks Magazine 

  • Plastik Magazine

  • The Advocate 

  • The Ruff Life Show


  • Voyages LA

  • Weho Times

  • West Hollywood Magazine

  • Winq Magazine, Netherlands 

  • Working Wild with Tony Baker

  • The After Bark podcast, hosted by Josh White, Lucy Riles and Mitra Yosri

  • The Pet Show podcast, hosted by Dennis Quaid and Jimmy Jellinek

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