Creative Cuts

" Dogue Spa is the spot for fashionable pooches—including those belonging to Usher and Awkwafina—to get a fierce new haircut or try out the latest in funky color combinations ".   
Los Angeles Magazine, Best Groomer in L.A. - August 2021 Issue.

We are not your average grooming boutique, we want to make your pup's personality SHINE thru his/her haircut and style. 

The products used are from OPAWZ

The semi-permanent pet dye/shampoo we use are safe for your pup:

  • Vegan

  • Vegetable base

  • Non-toxic 

  • Cruelty free

  • Parabens free

  • No ammonia

  • No peroxide


Hair dyes/shampoos results can be subtle or dramatic. To ensure the dog tolerates the products, our team carefully tries it on a small patch of hair, and makes sure there is no allergic reaction before proceeding. Creative grooming is more suited to outgoing pups who will enjoy the extra love/attention. We do not recommend a creative cut/dye for shy and/or anxious dogs as they may not enjoy the extra attention around them. 

Dye jobs come along with a bath. Prices are based upon the amount of time and artistic work involved.

Ask your pet stylist for a quote today!


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