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Creative Cuts

" Dogue Spa is the spot for fashionable pooches—including those belonging to Usher and Awkwafina—to get a fierce new haircut or try out the latest in funky color combinations ".   
Los Angeles Magazine, Best Groomer in L.A. - August 2021 Issue.

Dogue artists specialize in Asian Fusion Grooming, also known as Japanese Style Grooming. This art form focuses on turning dogs into real life teddy bears, by bringing out their personality and fluff  -- inspired by Pop Culture, Cartoons or even Anime Characters. Our team of artists has also been widely recognized for their forward-thinking approach on Creative Grooming and use of pet-safe hair dyes.

The products used at Dogue are from OPAWZ.

All semi-permanent dye/shampoo ingredients are FDA Approved for use on cosmetic and food products.

  • Vegan

  • Vegetable base

  • Non-toxic 

  • Cruelty free

  • Parabens free

  • No ammonia

  • No peroxide

Hair dye results aren't guaranteed, they can be subtle or dramatic. To ensure each dog tolerates the products, our team carefully tries it on a small patch of hair, and makes sure there is no allergic reaction before proceeding. Creative grooming is more suited to outgoing pups. We do not recommend a creative cut/dye for shy and/or anxious dogs as they may not enjoy the extra attention around them. 

Dye jobs come along with a bath. Prices are based upon the amount of time and artistic work involved. Not all dye job requests are possible / doable, many factors come into play - dye job requests can only be assessed in person.



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Before & After 

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