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Los Angeles native, Joshua White or "Josh", personifies dog grooming's Next-Generation. After perfecting his craft for 10+ years working as a groomer for his local salon, Josh decided to create his own legacy by launching Dogue. Bold, inclusive and diverse, Dogue has won multiple awards and recognitions. In 2021, Dogue was voted Best Grooming Salon of L.A. by Los Angeles Magazine. This recognition landed Dogue an article on the Los Angeles Times, as well as a Proclamation from the City of West Hollywood: "For pushing the boundaries of creativity and providing a unique dog grooming experience for West Hollywood residents and the larger Los Angeles community.”


Mehdi, Dogue's Co-Founder, moved from Switzerland to California after graduating from college. Mehdi quickly noticed not only Josh's talent, but also the connection he makes with each dog. Being an entrepreneur, and holding a Masters in Finance, Mehdi applied his business skills to establish Dogue so he and Josh could build their brand together and shake up the grooming world, one masterpiece at a time. Following their vision, Josh and Mehdi brought together a team of talented artists, who share similar values on the art form that is dog grooming. Many clients drawn to Dogue are celebrities, creatives, and influential personalities from the Fashion, Film/TV, and Music industries.


Dogue is a one-of-a-kind dog grooming boutique, where we aim to provide A+ customer service, and the best overall experience to your dog, in our cage-free environment. We focus on Good Vibes and positive energy! Each dog is given a thorough consult by his/her stylist to assure the best experience, allowing our artists to connect with both you and your dog. By the end of the consult, your stylist will recommend what's best for your pet so that he can feel, look and smell his/her best. Upon walking in, you will immediately feel a different atmosphere, closer to a human high end hair salon than a pet store. 

While under our care, your dog is free to roam around in the grooming area, play with other dogs or lounge around. We provide water at all times and fresh grass to go pee/potty. While being groomed, our team has been trained to adapt to your dog's energy and pace, giving your dog as many breaks as needed. Each groomer takes in a limited amount of dogs per day, in order to focus on each dog's comfort, safety and quality of the cut. Our Groomers are artists, each one of them has different areas of expertise: Japanese Style Grooming, Creative / Dye Jobs, and Standard Cuts. You can find out more about our team here.

So... What Makes Dogue So Special?

Join Our Pack

Dogue Spa is always open to consider adding new artists to the team. If you are an experienced groomer and/or bather, email your resume here.

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