About Josh & Snow

Los Angeles native, Joshua White or "Josh", has always had a passion for animals, especially dogs ever since he could remember.

As a child, he would study dog breed books and watch dog shows on TV for hours. At a very young age, Josh volunteered for numerous dog shelters, working at doggie day cares and as a vet technician. He first interned for his local grooming salon before becoming one of their star groomers and grooming manager for almost 10 years before deciding to open his own salon.


Snow, Josh's beloved Poodle, came into his life in a rather unexpected fashion. He had always dreamed about owning a Standard Poodle but never quite had the chance to adopt one. One cold winter night, Josh and his partner Mehdi received a call from a friend, who happened to be a Poodle breeder in San Diego. She mentioned that one of her 10-month-old puppies was too petite to be shown in Kennel pageants and was anxiously awaiting adoption. That same night, Mehdi and Josh drove to San Diego. When they saw Snow: It was love at first sight. They took her home and Snow quickly became part of the family.

Her beauty and vibrant personality started getting noticed the very next day as she made her neighborhood debut. While out for a stroll, Tony Kelly, Plastik Magazine owner, noticed Snow and asked if he could photograph her for his magazine. Snow was a natural in front of the camera. Josh and Snow built a very strong bond over time that started to attract TV News, Hollywood Producers, and Photographers from around the world. You can follow their adventures on Instagram. Many clients drawn to Dogue are celebrities, creatives, and influential personalities from the Fashion, Film/TV, and Music industries.  


The unconditional bond the two share is on TV! "The Pack", a dog travel competition series, hosted by Lindsey Vonn, is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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